December 18, 2020

Irs Withholding Calculator 2020

Irs Withholding Calculator 2020 oh's until six o'clock later on this afternoon and you know what we still have a little bit of some cloud. Coverage up to the north we're going to talk about our rain chances for us here as we go into tomorrow with a weak frontal boundary we'll talk about that take a look at the tropics as well, a full look at the forecast is all coming up in just a bit Mike all, right thank you one well the Trump administration has eased up on the ongoing trade war with China the latest round of tariffs. Has been put on hold following pressure from American businesses Peter Alexander has a look at what this could mean for. Your wallet this morning temporary relief for American companies and consumers after a rare retreat from President Trump announcing he'll delay his, threat to slap tariffs on some of the 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods from September, first until December 15 the, president for the first time acknowledging his actions might mean American consumers pay more would have an impact on. Until now the president's repeatedly insisted only China would pay a price the tariffs are not being paid for by our people it's being paid for by China it's been proven that our people are not paying for, those tariffs the 10% tariff postponed on popular items including cellphones laptop computers and video game devices as well as many, types of toys clothes and shoes Apple and toy maker Hasbro among. The company's publicly opposing the tariffs the Trump administration also saying some products will be removed from the tariff. List based on health safety national security and other factors the stock market rallied on the. News surging more than 370 points Tuesday even as some economists warn the risk of a recession in the next year is growing in part due to this escalating. Trade war with China now the president has already imposed 250 billion dollars of tariffs on Chinese imports coming. Up on Chris 6 News at Noon is your child stressing out. About going back to school we come back how to turn those back-to-school blues away Chris 6:00 news at noon welcome back everyone and a very good Wednesday. Afternoon to you the heat continues.

To be the very big story here and of course lots of sunshine to go out it's not a bad day. Though but stay hydrated we're taking a look at our first community banks six WeatherBug downtown Corpus Christi. Looking at Corpus Christi Bay that looks a little refreshing to head out there but it's already 90 degrees, with southeasterly winds at 11 miles per hour and as I mentioned earlier we continue to have heat advisories in effect for Nueces Jim Wells and down into. Kleber County that also includes Brooks and Kennedy.

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