December 18, 2020

IRS Refund Schedule 2021

IRS Refund Schedule 2021 hi everyone welcome back to my channel I'm lieutenant your personal finance expert if you're new here welcome I'm so happy to have you if you like videos about, personal finance be sure to hit the subscribe button because I do upload new videos every single, week if you've already watched my previous videos in the tech series then you know my three, secrets on how to get biggest refund possible you know how to use the IRS withholding calculator to make sure that you're having the proper amount withheld, from your checks and you know how to find out if you qualify for the IRS. Free file program so this is the last step in the process when you file your taxes and I'm super excited to show you guys this some of you may or may, not be familiar with it but it's the IRS refund status page or also known as where's my refund so I'm, just going to quickly walk you guys through this after you file your taxes most people getting everything. Within 21 days but if you. Ever wanted to check on the status of your refund you can simply come here I will leave a, link to this page in the description box below and then you simply enter in your information and it will give you the status of your so let's go ahead and in, there okay so the first thing that's gonna ask you for is your social security number so you type that ends you enter in your filing status. In. This example we're going to use head of household and then you enter in your refund amount exactly as it's shown on your tax return okay so in this, example okay and then once you enter that on you hit submit now, once you hit submit you will be brought here to the refund status results page as you can see here and this is broken down into three steps.

The first step is return received once the IRS you, receive to return and accepts it then that first stage right there will turn that bright orange color and in this example you can see the return has already, been received and the next step in the process is a refunds approved and it's this example the refund has been approved as well and then. It'll have some information below that though give you the exact date on when you can expect to receive your. Refund so in this example here you can see this client, did go ahead and use part of their refund to be used to purchase the u.s. savings bonds and if you go down. A little bit further you'll see that the amount not used to purchase the bonds is scheduled to be refunded by February 12 2020 um and if. You don't receive your refund by February 17th of 2020 then you will need to reach. Out and contact the IRS if there's any situations or if any, issues that you encounter before the date that they have listed here this just note that the IRS will be unable, to take action until that last date that they listen they're okay and then once every phone is actually sent either by mail if you choose to, get the check option or direct deposit then that last section will also turn bright orange okay so this is pretty cool you, can use this to check your refund status at.

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