December 18, 2020

Irs Fresh Start Program 2020

Irs Fresh Start Program 2020 hey it's Michael Roz Brooke founder of Roth strategies and how do you become the expert how do you learn more about what you do how do you learn more about tax resolution than the IRS then the revenue officer. You're going to be dealing with so one.

Of the things when I first started in practice is I was deathly afraid of the work I didn't know what I was doing and maybe I was better off.

Not knowing what I was doing because, I was willing to try anything to resolve my clients cases however what you need to what what I did and what I what I suggest everybody do who wants, to get into the lucrative practice of representing clients before the IRS.

Is making your business to know more about the about the work than the IRS that's what I did and I would tell people.

In person and in my marketing that we know more about resolution than the IRS how did I do that I went to every single technical bootcamp in, seminar I could get my hands on I made it my mission I wanted to grow into that person you always want.

To grow into your bigger future into that person same thing with marketing okay 20 years ago I didn't know, much about marketing but I learned I read books I. Talked to mentors I talked to gurus I went to, seminars I went to conferences and by the way experts are always students first you will continue to learn so you know think about it someone. Coming to you with a $75,000 IRS tax liability has four years of unfiled returns as being levied by the, IRS they are scared out of their wit's okay there's not a lot you could do I, can't think of anything you could do to make that tax payer situation worse so if you're afraid of messing up, or making a mistake please erase that from your subconscious because you will you the only thing you can do is.

Improve that person's situation so what you need to do what I did is gain new capabilities gain new skill sets so that you can actually help clients solve their IRS problems if you like, this information click the link below comment, subscribe click the link below for a webinar which is going to talk a lot more about the lucrative practice.

Of tax resolution click the link below comment subscribe we'll see you on the next video,.

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