December 19, 2020

IRS Direct Pay

IRS Direct Pay on fixing the money thing what is the average wait time if you call the IRS with a question what percentage of the time is an IRS answer correct it's getting a tax refund to win we're talking taxes today on, fixing the money thing with most families burdened and unsustainable levels of personal debt, most Americans believe there is no way to have financial freedom however author pastor and financial expert Gary kasee believes most, families can be completely out of debt in less than seven years you must get, out of debt you've got to make right choices with, your money right now Gary and his wife Grenda are now on a crusade to share this information that changed their life so that you can not just survive but prosper in today's economy your life can be, totally transformed by an idea in the, marketplace this is Gary kasee fixing the money thing hi welcome to fixing the money thing I'm Gary Cassie and today we have a special guest when my great friends dan pill is with, us and we need to tap into. His knowledge on taxes do you like taxes I don't think anyone really loves taxes but you know the Bible says to. Pay or render under Caesar what is legal or what Caesar demands and the issue is many people well what do I actually o Caesar I'm glad to pay it but there's. So, many variances of what I pay and today dan fellas going to dig into the topic of the IRS and what you pay how you pay, the problems to find out how you pay what any question I'm going to ask him all kinds of tough questions today, on helping us with the IRS and our taxes today let's welcome Dan pillow to the program dan it's great to have, you with us in case our audiences you've been many times with a guest but 35 years as a tax litigation consultant and six thousand, media you know appearances 14 books on the IRS. Hundreds of articles you're the president of tax freedom Institute The Associated Press says you know more about. The IRS the IRS does itself so that's pretty good so you're the guy we want to talk to you right we want to talk to you about taxes because taxes, take a lot of money out of our pocket this tax burden is getting to the point where it's eating. Out the substance of Americans Gary and people just people just can't pay their you know they, can't pay their bills when they're losing upwards of forty percent of their income to taxes at all levels it's getting it's getting serious you know we deal with. A lot of people with finances we find tax problems sure we retain.

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