March 5, 2021

Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software have you ever wondered what robotic process automation or RPA can do for you in short it provides a competitive advantage by helping you improve both accuracy and speed of operations, while radically driving down costs so how does it work.

In this video we'll show you how you Ipath streamlines an invoice process end to end you are about to see a robot performing the following activities monitoring a dedicated folder where invoices are saved in PDF, format reading invoices from that folder one by one extracting key information from the invoices opening si.

P filling in invoice details in si P sending email notifications please.

Note that the robot will do some activities in the background such as most of the invoice related actions monitoring a folder or checking its email address now let's see it working right, now it's monitoring a folder where three invoices are stored and collecting all.

The information needed so it can register them one by one it then asks the tester.

To introduce the email address where the posting notification will be sent and also performs basic checks to see if the SA.

P is open and runs it on its own if not logging into sa P using its credentials it. Then starts processing the invoices one by one we can see, it filling in data such as vendor code invoice date invoice number invoice amount invoice description and GL account and ends up by filling the payment term following that it registers. The remaining two invoices in the assigned company code an email containing the SA P registration number, is sent automatically by the robot after successfully registering each invoice checking in the background the robot verifies whether the V 80 on the invoice matches the. One in our database, and if so we'll post it automatically otherwise it will Park it and send a dedicated email to the responsible person highlighting this difference and asking what to do post the invoice or to cancel it and send, it.

Back to the vendor all the invoices details are visible in the email it sends so let's reply with yes to the message for an invoice with a v80 difference.

Finally it will check its email address in the background access sa P using the. Appropriate transaction code and post the invoice and that's it the robot has successfully posted the three invoices in SA P.

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