December 19, 2020

Intuit View My Paycheck

Intuit View My Paycheck (country music) – Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the You Needa Budget YouTube Channel. My name is Ashley, and I was gonna film adifferent video today,, but I've honestly been in kind of a mood. January has felt likethe longest month of life and I was a little bitunder the weather this week. So, I let some thingsslide around the, house. I honestly feel a, little bitunsettled and disorganized, and I don't wanna bringthose feelings with me into the new month. I think, if I could do a reset of my mental state and physical space, I'd be so much more prepared to have a successful February., And the best way I know how to do that is to start with a brain dump, get everything out of my mind. And onto a piece of paper. From the smallest nagging task to big projects that I wanna focus on., After that, I definitely need to spend some time cleaning. I have boxes to. Break down and my fridge desperatelyneeds to be cleared out. But I'm hoping by thetime I get to that point I'll feel. More at ease, more organized so then I can spend sometime reflecting on January. How am I doing on thehabits I'm trying, to build? How am I doing on my financial goals? Is my budget ready forthe monthly rollover? Then I wanna spend sometime thinking ahead and planning out February. So, if you, like, me, could use a little bitof a reset right now, I hope that some. Of this will be helpful. But I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna. Start outwith the brain dump. (country music) What in the world. Can I help you? Somebody else is in a mood today, too. If I'm being quite honest..

I'm not sure who coinedthe term brain dump, it might have been David Allen in the book “Getting Things Done,” but I, do think it's areally powerful tool. It stops me from stressing about all those. Little unfinished nagging tasks and it gives me a plan of action. So, now that I have this list I'm gonna do a power hour., I'm gonna put my phone onto airplane mode, set a timer for one hour, and see how many of these. Items I can work through. (country music) It feels great to sit after all that, but the power hour didwhat. I hoped it would do. It gave me some mental clarity and it also gave me alittle bit of motivation. So, I'm gonna channel that, all and I'm going to do somereflection on the past month.. And look at the goals I had set and also how I'm doing on my habits. I ended up going with areally simple habit tracker. I had originally. Wanted to do that, one that was kind of like an RPG game, but I didn't wanna have to make a habit of checking my habit, tracker. If that makes sense. So, I just wanted it to be really simple. So, I have one and.

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