December 19, 2020

install turbotax

install turbotax hello everyone this is Larry with your wtr quick rundown on turbo tax since the 80s turbo tax has risen as the cream of the crop and the tax software business offering a variety of different.

install turbotax once you file your taxes you mightwonder when you’ll get your refund. Sign in to one to two daysafter you e-file to see your efile status. Once your return shows usAccepted, you can, start tracking your refund. To track your federal refundvisit And follow the steps on the website. Nine out of ten people who e-filed get their federal refund within three weeks. If you send your taxes in the mail the IRS asks that you wait four weeks. Before looking up your refund status. The best way to track your state. Refund isby going to the states tax website. Sign into TurboTax and search for staterefund. Select how do I track my state, refund refund and choose your state. It, can takea couple of days for the IRS and states to update your refund status on theirwebsite. Don’t, worry if your refund status doesn’t show up right away. Just try again in a day or two. Tracking your. Refund is easy with the help of TurboTax. For more answers to your questions visit

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