December 19, 2020

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2024

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2024 hello again YouTube it has been a while since I've made a video I know today it's gonna be a very short video I'm going to talk to you about taxes and filing your taxes as a.

Student what you can and what you can't expect all right so it is tax. Season with so many companies out there that you can do your taxes with as well as, those that's able to do their own taxes I'm sure the question has arise how do I know, what I'm gonna get back what can I do to get more back what can I claim what.

Can I claim what can I expect I chose to go with H&R Block mainly because I did my, taxes with them last year this was the first time that I would be claiming taxes as married as well as my wife has. A job too so I tried to do it online it didn't work it said that we were gonna owe the state and there was, a couple things that I had filled out incorrectly and I, couldn't figure out what it was so I went ahead and brought it to H&R since that's what I was going through anyways they ended, up flipping some numbers around and they couldn't tell me what I did wrong but after I gave them the same information I didn't, know the state.

And I got way more back than I expected not a ton but a lot I want to talk about filing taxes as a student so there is this I'm gonna call it, a rumor because I'm not saying it's not true I'm just saying that I haven't been able to prove this and in fact, I feel like I've kind of disproved this but listen um I heard this rumor basically that if you went, to school for half a year that you could claim something or. You can file for something that gives you some money whatever so I did clay I have got my forms from school for my for taxes and I put.

In that information and that's where some of the information I think I was messing up, because I did really under all the boxes that were on the paper were not all the boxes or they seemed to be different, boxes that, what I've seen a few so I when I went to the H&R building and I actually had something I was doing my taxes they put in the information that I was.

In school and I see my tax returns jump up to like twenty eight hundred or something like that and. Then she clicks a few more and this is twenty five hundred and then she asks me a, question so listen I believe this is the question that a lot of you didn't ask yourselves or unaware of and, what gets you this financial boost and what doesn't the question was pertaining to crime a very very very specific question is, have you ever been convicted for a drug felony not saying have you been, convicted of a felony in the last three years have you been convicted as a felon in the last, ten years or anything like that it's extremely specific sadly with my unintelligent actions in. The past I do have that on my record I answered honestly and as a result of course VRS so I didn't get, to twenty five hundred I did however get some money for going to school so here is the rumor that I guess I kind of proved wrong I don't know if I, want to say that because. I think I think it really varies per student I think maybe in those stages typical things I'm sure there, are a lot of different stipulations they go about all this one how much stone individuals gonna get back in taxes for going to college now I follow H&R Block and she told. Me that even though I was gonna get to twenty five hundred now that twenty five hundred that's the locked, in numbers you can get 2,500 plus anywhere between one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars so I didn't get the twenty five, hundred I did get the between hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars I got pretty much right.

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