December 19, 2020

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2023

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2023 hey guys welcome back to my channel crispy values here and if you are new to my channel hi I'm Kristy I am a professional help. And wiliness coach life coach and consultant for webcam models and I am also the CEO and founder of my webcam babies calm and I am here today with some things.

You need to know with filing taxes as a cam.

Model now this is very important because filing taxes can get you in trouble if not done correctly and I am here to give you guys some, advice and tips that I've used and that, has worked for me for eight plus two years so the first thing okay if you do not file your taxes as a cam girl or adult content creator you. May be in trouble with the IRS excuse me guys you may be in trouble because you must file your taxes, whether you are finally exempt or whether you're. Gonna file to get money back but you must file your taxes and if you don't and you are making more than five thousand over mine even in thousand a month you will be in trouble, by RS you will have penalties against you and maybe jail time so filing your, taxes is a must also be very careful do not overstate your write-off. And also your expenses so do not over exaggerate do not create your lies because that will get you in trouble okay also I get a lot of questions about should I hire an, accountant now my honest answer is no however everyone is different so, I cannot just say no it's just a personal preference of mine because I do my. Own taxes but I can't say that because Texas can be difficult for some that dealing with halation and a lot of people do not want to do that can't do. That it is very difficult, for them or some people can do it themselves but want to be on the safe side and not make mistakes because Texas is very serious okay and can leave you those penalties in jail time so the. Big question if I do my own. Texas what how and what do I use I used for eight puffier TurboTax home business version okay that can be bought on Amazon and also on other online. Sites okay I will leave a couple below I believe the one day I had below as well and some other said that our, great dad do know about but the one that I use is, TurboTax home business version and I've been using it for. Years and it works wonders because as a tail model and.

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