February 22, 2021

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2021

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2021 this year olt comm has improved navigation and an improved interface but it still falls behind other leading tech software for the 2019 year in this video we're doing a complete review and walkthrough of olt.

Comm tech software hey guys welcome back to the college investor investing and personal finance, for Millennials if you have been searching for tax software to file your 2019 taxes you may have heard. Of olt comm that stands for online taxes it is a bargain tax software and it does have a free version let's go ahead and jump into the pricing, packages and I'll show you what I mean all right so olt comm has two, versions there's the free edition in which you can file a. 1040 you can do very simple or even complex returns it says you can do in the free edition the Premium Edition for. 795 includes audit support compare over year comparison and a discounted state pricing so the state tax return of the premium version is 795 whereas if you try to do the free. Version, it really isn't free you still have to pay 995 for your state tax return once you know which pricing plan is right for you let's go. Ahead and hop into the tax software and I'll show you how it works ok let's.

Get ready to file our federal return using olt calm and remember the state return is 995 so we're gonna go with the Free Edition here and. See what we come up with you'll want to create an account and go ahead and add in your email address and, it's gonna have a user agreement for you to read and agree and, then save and continue ok next you're going to need to fill out additional login security question there seems to be a lot of different security things such as multi-factor, authentication and then the Google authentication and then an optional security pin so that's really nice to see that you've got three. Different ways to keep things secure with alt com okay then upon. Logging in with your email address you get this welcome screen it's pretty simple it doesn't look, like there's a whole lot to this navigation so far we'll hop into the return and see, what it looks like right off the bat I noticed that there isn't a menu or a navigation system like I've seen on other tax software dashboards where, there's a navigation handle where you can click through and jump to different sections, right now it's just asking me for general information I'll be using dummy information so just go ahead and follow along with me you okay so I'm, not quite sure what's going on with the number of years associated up at the top and why would have me start my 2015 return so that's, a little, interesting to see I haven't seen that in other tax software but right off the bat it does say start your 2019 tax returns so I'll go ahead and click on. That we'll start with the free edition and see what we. Can do in the free edition the premium edition is at 795 plus an additional 795 for the state tax return but it looks like if you have a regular 1040 a regular w-2 even. A complex return. Also shows up in the Free Edition so we'll see what we are able to do in the free edition all right here's, the dashboard so it looks like we have the navigation system here and a whole bunch of buttons and then this screenshot use the menu on the left of, the page to check your progress or jump to areas you've already, been to I'm not sure why they did a screenshot here so they could have easily. Added some sort of pop-up button or pop-up window to show you how to get along with the navigation so that's a little interesting, but it looks like you can take a tour and there's the pop-up box I was mentioning so. They could have just used that and done away with this image I think that would have cleaned up the navigation a little bit better okay so it looks like they prefilled.

Some of my answers to these questions except, for the health care information so it looks like I have to go ahead and click back on this save and continue and in, this example I will be filing single this is interesting I haven't seen this in other tech software. Either in which they're asking for your driver's license it says that the return won't be rejected but it's in it's being used to combat stolen identity tax fraud so I don't know, why adding more of my personal information would help them combat identity tax fraud so this is really interesting, I'm going to say no I don't want to provide that information then they're going to give you. A review of your personal information and continue okay as I have updated my personal information I noticed that, the menu just got a heck of a lot longer so this looks, like I am going into the actual return now and I'll click on w2 it looks like, you can click on other boxes to indicate whether or not you've received income from investment so if you had a bank that paid.

You interest you would click on that and then you can save and continue I'm not sure why it's pre-filling done with w-2, category because I haven't even added that yet so I'll click add a new w-2 and then, here it doesn't look like I have an option to import a.

W-2 PDF so you'll have to enter it in manually you so and in my w2 example my social security wages are different than my regular wages and comp but I see that it's already prefilled. Some of this information for me already which is not really helpful because, it's inaccurate according to what I have stated on my w2 so just be aware that their pre feeling for some reason and it's not accurate well now. It's showing up accurate so this is this is a.

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