December 18, 2020

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2020

Hr Block Tax Calculator 2020 so you've got all your documents together and you're ready to file your taxes let's get it done quickly and easily and make sure you get. Your best return hey I'm Austin from sale financial ed and I help forward-thinking millennials get further in my faster with what they already have in last week's video I talked. About compiling all the documents you need to follow your taxes and you can check, that video up here so in today's video we're gonna cover how to actually file now before you start you're gonna have to have three things. That is your sin number a copy of last year's tax return and of course all the documents you compile to file your. Taxes so with those three items in your hot little hands the. First thing you're gonna need to do is get logged, in to your CRA my account and if you don't have that great I'm gonna cover that now if you. Do there's a time stamp somewhere around here that's gonna direct you to the next steps so at. This point we're gonna have to head over to the desk so we can help on my laptop so I'm set, up here at my desk and right now I'm gonna get you set up with your CRA my account so first. Thing you're gonna do is go to canada CA and it's like slash services slash taxes just search canada taxes on google and it'll take you to this page essentially so once you're on the website you're, gonna scroll down here to my account and on my account if you're already using online banking then what you, can do which is really great. Of the CRA is use a sign-in partner so if you're affiliated with any of the big banks you can use your login credentials from your online banking and just use that to, log into your CRA account because it's all looped in through your sin number speaking, of which to get this set up you're going to need your sin number last, year's return total your date of birth and your postal code because those are the four pieces of information that they use to. Confirm your identity so essentially what you would do is click on the bank so for me I use TD so I would, click on that one enter your login information and then that's gonna take.

You to fill in those for identity prompts once that's done they'll be a little bit more information, you have to fill out and then you have access to your CRA account you'll only have, partial access at the beginning so you can see some you're history but you have to enter a security code which. Will be mailed to you in about a week or two to get full access to your CRA account if you want to expedite that process then there's a phone, number which I'm going to put right here and that's a number that you can, call that they'll give you the security access code so.

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