December 18, 2020

How to Open a Business Checking Account

How to Open a Business Checking Account yo yo yo yo what's going down you know who this is your boy Bo be back back with another one today we are going to. Talk about how we're gonna open our business checking account so we're gonna talk about what we need what documents do we need, before we have those so when we go into the bank we've got everything in line and we can open up our business checking account today okay so let's, get right into it first and foremost let's talk about what documents we're gonna need to bring to the. Bank that's number one okay before we can think, about what bank we're gonna choose what we're gonna do how to build the relationship all of which are super super important we're gonna talk about. What do we need to bring the documents number one your articles of organization from your state we talked about that okay we want to make sure that our. Business is registered in the state that, we're doing business okay I'm gonna have a link in the description below again to Inc files the company that will take care. Of it all for you pretty cheap to forty nine bucks so as of this video that's number one we need the articles of organization okay number two, we need our young M.

Letter from the IRS all right that also should match the information that we have on our. Articles our state everything's matching up everything's coordinated you know the main quarters need everything gotta coordinate okay that's number, two number three I always suggest that you have an operating agreement okay because when you go to the bank nowadays they're gonna ask you who has 25% or more interest in the company okay because then those, individuals are also responsible in a.

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