March 8, 2021

Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot Credit Card what's up you guys it's Matt here so earlier in the week I made a video on store credit cards basically talking about how deadly store credit cards can be so with that in, mind I want to go through a list of. The best store credit cards this holiday shopping season and I know that's a little bit contradictory I'm going to basically contradict everything that I'm saying no, I'm not doing that I'm just joking but I'm going to. Go into store credit cards you want to keep all those things in mind that I said be aware of store credit cards and make sure that you understand how to use them but I'm going into what are the, best deals what some of these I'm actually looking at myself, but what are the best deals for credit cards if you have.

Any of these credit cards that you can you know reap these benefits and find great deals find great products and find great discounts, so before I get into that make sure you hit the like button on this video also hit the subscribe button and I do a giveaway, every single week and if you want. To check out that information I'll go over that at the end of the video so make sure you stick around till then or you can skip if, you want you can skip to that and then go back to the beginning you can do it however. You want as long as you you know watch some of the video try to watch all of it but let's go ahead and get into this so, when you think of store credit cards you probably think of you know the big name stores you probably think of Target, Walmart you know all of these other you know big name stores that you can get you know various products from, it doesn't matter what the product actually is you can get so many different products from these stores and you're right, I mean you look at those big name stores but you can also, look at smaller name stores and you know get really good cards but you. Know I'm kind of focusing on bigger name stores because that's where all the huge products are where all the huge deals are and so let's start with a credit card, that I talked about, before in my best store credit cards video way back when I think I might have been eight months ago nine months ago and that is the target, red car the target red credit card this card gives you a number of benefits and it doesn't really change so it's not really something. That you're getting only for this holiday season so, this is more of an exception but you're getting great with this so with the target red card you get. Free two-day shipping on most orders through the targets website you also get an extra 30 days for returns which I don't know if you really want to use you're looking to get the product you. Don't really want to use it then you, also get a 5% discount on most target purchases so most would be like 90% of it like 99 98 % whatever, you don't get 5% on gift cards like if you buy you know $100 worth of gift cards you don't. Get $5 back like that's not how that goes but on purchases that you have that are actual products most of the time you're getting 5% off so this, is a great card to know that, you're getting 5% off especially around the holiday season because a lot of people were spending thousands of. Dollars on you know clothes electronics or phones or you know anything that they want to spend money on for gifts and for themselves so 5% is a.

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