December 18, 2020

Head of Household Qualifications 2023

Head of Household Qualifications 2023 so this is going to be video number 14 about filing status head of household I'm jarred Willis so let's begin so this by far is, not going to be an exhaustive review of head of household that filing status because there is a lot I found, out that there's a lot of exceptions a lot of requirements so if you if you found anything or if you notice anything that I did not put. In there please put it in the comment section because I'm still learning this and I would appreciate any feedback really quick tax rates ten to, thirty seven percentage filing, status is important ever we've already covered that okay so head of household I guess it really doesn't have to do with marriage this time but really marriage is determined by state law. Or country law and the federal law.

Recognizes that okay so here's the requirement so you can't be filing a joint return you paid for more than half the household expenses.

During the tax year your spouse didn't live at home for the last six months. And so that's gonna be considered unmarried and you're qualified dependent lived with you for more than half the year and what I noticed about half the year, is that six months is half the year but the IRS is really focusing on this. And really implementing the more than so it has to be six months and one day okay fine status head of household what happens if your child's. Awake and you still filed head of household college and military jobs and attending college and.

Away at a military post are considered temporary absences but you still have to supply 50% of their support okay head of household qualifying child or relative has.

To be legally related to you and that is going to be their qualifying child which, the IRS has a five point or six point test.

To determine if a person is a qualifying child you can you can claim a married dependent child or a dependent parent and a dependent parent as we'll talk about in other, videos is going to be is one of the only situations where they don't have. To be residing with you in order for you to claim, head of household and we're going to talk about more be more on these in another video okay so here is a question about, head of household it's on page seventy of this book right here that link to in the description so page seventy says the question is Dana's husband died on January 14th 2019 she has, one dependent who was. Eight years old she did not remarry during the year what is the most beneficial status filing status for Dana to use for 2019 2020 21, and 2022 this right here I added a little bit too just for discussion reasons so this one if if Dana's husband died generally working, that she didn't remarry she still gets to file married filing jointly what she files her taxes April 2020.

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