December 18, 2020

Head of Household Qualifications 2020

Head of Household Qualifications 2020 it's another thing it is another day this is Akeem wrong on kit I'm a black man with a voice and, I am proud today some of my boy is on today man very well respected podcast it always meant i miss withers gonna on a regular basis that they came miss one on a week ago, i was admit what is he come on bro we gotta get one every breath you not me let's keep it going. Minute but uh. Got a lot of respect me I'm around I only introduce pin so we gonna go around and uh have y'all introduced ourselves man and, we get it on the show for show this is Brandon from the off the. Record podcasts mostly on Twitter at OT i underscore Brandon most i'm also on instagram OTR Brandon and I'm all Facebook as well so go ahead follow and uh yeah well, that man this is Mike or Twitter I've known as OTR underscore Mike. I'm pretty much running the OTR underscore podcast Instagram page two so you got to add me on there as well I. Mean I appreciate your coming on man it's a long time man I know you guys rock with. Some more homeboys and they just is dope you know hopefully next time we can get them all along man I just appreciate. You know the mail in sight so we could talk about some things that you know I'll always try to keep at the top of my list you, know manhood growing up growing up where, I grew up in I think you know always idolized the negative parts of you know manhood and stuff like that but even, now that I'm back on track man I really understand how powerful men are. In this society and for me you know just promote anymore because for some reason like this masculine it's being challenged and I always like to have brothers around man and just listen to your podcast talk about how. Guys, came up with the concept of you all and kind of like what you guys is missing like you know what does it cut tell me some of the. Things you guys want people to know about you guys so I go I'll do the concept. I'll let you I let you preach on our mission how about that so I mean believe it or not yeah we're for pretty much lifelong friends man we've known each other. Off for 20-plus years and it came about you know one of our. Co-hosts Alex he has another podcast called lake essential podcast and Nina yeah he was going in for two years and they tell us you know each, other so we was kind of like no way one, day was like no I got a podcast and right now I don't, know but you know I'm no Lakers fan by any stretch but you know I'm like imma support off the GP and uh you know and believe it or not being Brandon and a couple. Other buddies I've been talking about doing this before and uh to hear him saying that he's been in the game for two. Years it just kind of. Worked out that way he had me and Brandon on on the lake at central park cast for an episode and then after that we just started saying hey man let's try. To make this let's try to make this happen and uh and it became therapeutic for myself anyway I know pretty much, for all of. Us but I can just speaking for myself it just became something that was therapeutic for us and just come just come to find out we got people, that want to hear what we gotta say yeah I definitely know that yeah I'm one of them man let's talk about mission me yeah well, I think at this point our mission is well I don't say pretty simple. But I mean just like my profile says living learning and sharing our opinion on important black topics or. Topics in the black community by black culture religion raising your kids. Will probably get into some stuff dealing with like finances we got some things in the work you know coming out to. Talk about important things that are happening around in our communities so we I would say our mission is really, to just you know educate entertain some but hopefully you know people who are listening they get something out of you know listening to us just converse about all you know a bunch of. Bunch of different things you know from the. Black man's perspective we have a platform and we intend to use it and like I said man I, like to have brothers on man it's just you know just doing some things that I feel like like everybody's here man and, for them and for a lot of people to make it seem like you know we not unified we not connecting as it's definitely not true man like you know. We work together all the time you know I try to support everybody that. Supports me even if you don't support me even if you're not my lane like this criminal crime podcast I have. No affiliation with nor do I listen to but the brothers they're, running you know I mean I just appreciate that they got they own style and they Lane so you know I'm gonna do everything I can and support it we don't always have to support things. That, we like I mean and I think a lot of times you know us brothers and you know a lot you know a lot of our sisters may they don't like, I don't like it like Nene they don't if ain't they laying a ban. Something they care for they won't promote you know me and I think that's not one of the big problems but I appreciate y'all coming on man let's get it on so I wanted. To talk about manhood man of household what does that look like you, guys I don't know if you guys are in relationships or been in a relationship but even if you don't you should still. How I'm kind of an understanding on how that looks for you let's start with whoever whoever wants to start it, off man and we go they're going brandy all right for sure so what it looks like you know for me I thought. About it I am in a relationship but you know I I am the head of my household this. Is my place I did grow up in a two-parent household, you know I met one of my grandfather's my other one passed away, when I was you know too young but my parents for a large part they grew up in two-parent households as well so I've I've had you know of course those are my, examples those you know and so and then some of the things that I'm gonna list here some of the things that I. Strive for just for myself and I kind of made a little list here that's good number one I wanted to. Say.

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