December 18, 2020

Gsa Mileage Rate 2020

Gsa Mileage Rate 2020 from current government television welcome to this week's Kern County Board of Supervisors meeting originating from the county administrative center located at 11:15.

Truxton Avenue Bakersfield California Kern County's vision is to create and maintain a customer centered County government designed to garner the confidence support and trusted the people we serve today's Kern County, Board of Supervisors meeting will convene momentarily good morning and welcome to the budget hearings today's Tuesday August 27th and the. Board to reconvene the first item is roll call supervisor Gleason yeah supervisor Scribner yeah supervisor Maggard here supervisor couch here, supervisor perez here the next item is the flag salute it'll be led today by supervisor. Scribner and please remain standing at the conclusion of that for a moment of Prayer so it's your meditation. Whichever you prefer thank you before we get started today I want to let you know that we have. An interpreter available for anyone in the audience requiring translation of the proceedings from English into Spanish mr. Fernando Lopez would you please come, down to the podium so we can determine if your services are required good morning and if they are tell the folks. What they need to do. CI Rincon habla English cement espanol at Rosanna Meza intentado you know Saudi phenols back upon a school Chad, Bettis I'm sorry I will additionally we have MS Laura Meza Laura can you just wave your hand for us please she's in. The front row she's also available and will remain in the chamber for anyone requiring an, interpreter to address the board during this morning's meeting Yenta presenter Laura Meza Kate Aquino primera st. glorious days para el presidente microphone OSI to name a few thank you for dinner I think you were we're gonna, go a little bit well actually we're gonna do the pet of the, week first and answer your favorite part of the meeting right this this dog's name is, Marvin and believe it or not I have exact the exact kind of dog at home only. Smaller due to a series of decisions that I had nothing to do with I ended up, with this little guy I get lonely I just like this very cute I can't believe that he's going to be adopted out it could have saved a lot of money no pressure I don't yes I. Thank you for having.

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