March 2, 2021

Georgia Department of Revenue

Georgia Department of Revenue the GBI says the copper county employee was stealing from the county she worked for sac Mirjam spoke to the special agent in charge and joins us now the tellus way said a lorry today we learned from JT, Richardson with the GBI that crawford county probate court clerk led to gilmore, hudson turned herself in to law enforcement today she's accused of stealing more than four thousand dollars from. The office she had access to money as people were coming, in paying fines and and making payments of whatever licensing and other things that might go on at the probate court and again she just took, that opportunity to steal that is the allegation against Crawford County Probate Court Clerk Lindsay Gilmore Hudson according to GBI Special Agent in Charge JD Ricketts 'im law enforcement arrested.

Her this morning and, charged her with theft by taking and making false statements that theft charge he says is a felony and if she's convicted, it could mean prison time it could range anywhere from 1 to 15 years or so and again what you would hope for in a situation like, this is restitution Crawford County sheriff Lewis Walker said his office requested the GBI is help on the case last year after a tip, from the county's probate judge November 26 I got contacted by a probate judge judge pamela Busby about a possible death that may have, occurred in our office a GBI press release says investigators eventually determined that, between March and November of last year Gilmore Hudson embezzled over $4,000 in official funds and to those who might say yes the allegation is not great.

But in the scheme of things $4,000 isn't all that much money sheriff Walker has a clear message it's a crime, it doesn't belong to you my word is you know if you are doing anything with files that doesn't belong to. You then these a, lot of consequences that you will be facing Gilmore Hudson is still listed on the county's website as the probate clerk but we went to the office. A woman there said Gilmore Hudson no longer works there but that woman in the office, would not give her name or say whether Gilmore Hudson was fired or just resigned so still some questions Frank Lorie Thank You Zack the GBI.

Says they're still investigating case when they're finished they'll turn their findings over to the district attorney's office .

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