February 1, 2021

Full Service Payroll

Full Service Payroll there was a trigger event that occurred in our company it was a point in time that I'll never forget we wanted to convert all of our contractors over to employees now, that's an awesome thing for the employees but for us imagine the capacity and. The processes that we'd have to go through with hiring that many people in short order lotlinx is. A software-as-a-service type company that's provides marketing analytics type of services to dealerships and om the clients what we do is take a unique value proposition of our dealerships.

Their inventory and promote them to the consumers that. Are most in demand for that that specific type of car I joined the company and then I realized immediately that we.

Have to have a solution in place to scale our business and that's when I started, looking around at professional employer organization trying to differentiate it from all the other competitors out there in ways that were huge.

For us the first thing that came to my mind was the broad features that TriNet offered so I'm really impressed with trying it to us having everything in one place is, really important so our staff members when they log in they're able to see all their information but they can also choose their benefits. They can also take their preventing, harassment course they can go to the marketplace and get discounts on products and services that you don't see everywhere to have that much integration is amazing TriNet, is factored into lotlinx future and china is definitely going to help us do, incredible things not just for the short term before the long term and this.

Is what makes our business successful and thanks to China it's been incredible you .

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