December 19, 2020

Free Fillable Forms

Free Fillable Forms afterwards, Alright, so, good morning, everybody. My name is Danae Wolfe. I am the extension ad tech specialist And a couple of weeks ago,. I think it was LeeAnn who contacted me and said, hey, can you do a training on creating syllable PDF forms. And I said, Yeah, definitely. So that brings, us here this morning we have almost 40 people on the call here today, which is awesome. And now we do. Have 40 This is meant to be informal, as I mentioned. A little while ago. So as you have questions or need help, or clarity on something. Please, just feel free to stop me. You. Can unmute yourself at any time and just interrupt me And I will show you a little bit more in, depth on that specific topic where you can ask the question, but we are going to go ahead and just. Jump right in and I am going to share My computer with you. And I thought we'd start by creating Creating documents from complete scratch,. You're probably in a situation where you have a ton of PDF documents already That are not syllable that you would like to make syllable. And I'll. Teach you, how to do that as well. But I thought it would be easiest if we just started with creating a forum from absolute scratch and showing you. The process for Making it a PDF form. So in the chat box to make this a little bit interactive. So you don't fall asleep on me, type in, some things that you might include on a forum. Probably some basic things that. You're like name, address, but what are some other things that. You might include on a form that you're creating. The person's contact information like basic contact information. So we'll just start by tape typing first name. Now I am going to put, lines in here because I think personally. It makes a little, bit easier because you can kind of have A space for Adobe to kind of say, Okay, this is the space where you're going to put first name. So I'm going to also do, that with last name. We're not going to do super, super in depth information here. I love that Lisa said. Ethnicity, race, gender, because that is really valuable information, especially as we're thinking about, Nessa and our civil rights review and how we're going to collect. Information like that, especially with Like registrations for programs so basic contact information. We might have mailing address.. This is going to be super basic. I'm not going to put everything in here. But I do want to put some lines, just so you get an idea of what this is going to, look like when we pull it into Adobe and again I'm, in Microsoft Word here so you can use a text editor. Of your choice to create, like the basic layout of the forum. I think you might be able to create stuff from scratch in Adobe Acrobat as well. It's much easier just to do it in a. Word processor like. Microsoft Word. And then when we go to save this. We're just going to export to a PDF and I'm sure many of you already know how to, do that, that line. That's something that I don't like. Alright, so let's type race. Ethnicity that's typically, on the same line right when we do race and ethnicity. And I'm going to just type in, we do Caucasian right.

Caucasian. What else do we typically put in race, ethnicity, you guys help me out on this. There's like the Pacific Islander It's usually I'm Hispanic, non Hispanic and then it's Caucasian There's like Black or African American. American Indian or like the ones on the Four H Pages really awful., It's building this morning or typing. We're not going to put all of them were just gonna put.

A couple just to kind of show you an example because we're actually going. To use radio buttons. And checkboxes to create some of these. So I just want to have some like basic template, information on here to show you how you're going to go about like adding checkboxes so that. People can actually check this. So I'm going to make it super easy, super fast. We'll move on from there and say like class or, workshop options. Yeah. So you might have You know, if, especially if you have like a series of programs and people. Are going to be like checkboxes., These are the ones I want to attend. And then based on what they checking, they would send, a check in, or whatever. ethnicity, race as a box as the boxes. Perfect. So we'll just put as a box. And we're going to leave a nice big space for an essay box county office address So Vicki. When you say county office address. Are you thinking, this would be information that you would just, have on the forum as, like, this is our contact information. Or something. That somebody would actually be putting in Like inputting text. Because the one thing I didn't mention is, we haven't even talked about branding and I wasn't. Going to go there. This morning we can, if you would like to, In my mind, it would be much easier to throw the CFA yes tag on here. Throw the logo in the Microsoft award form as opposed to, like trying to do it in like Adobe So you would probably put all. Of your branding, you would put your county contact information, your phone number. So this would look like, an official Ohio State University Extension document. And not just some random like there's no branding on here whatsoever. So keep that, in mind. If you need help with like inputting your branding stuff. I can certainly help with that., But for now, we'll just stick to the basics. Is there an option to do a drop down list. I believe there is an option.

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