December 18, 2020

Federal Poverty Level 2020

Federal Poverty Level 2020 i'm the oldest of five one in seven years so we're all very close in age and from the very time that I was very young my mother was.

A now Kathleen you have to take care of your brothers and sisters you're the oldest so as long as, I can remember I've been a caretaker I never really wanted to do anything but teach it's it's really, all I've ever it's all I can ever remember wanting to do early childhood is not a well-paying field to stay in this field has required sacrifices not only for me personally.

But my husband my.

Four kids they had to make a lot of sacrifices growing up money was tight and resources were slim and they had a me the sacrifices right along with me most people in early, childhood especially but a lot of people in education, in general are working second jobs I know one of our teachers drives over another one works in a pharmacy, is you know so they're working second jobs but we're still even though we're struggling to, pay our own bills carrying bags of stuff in with them to provide for the students that we have those, kids every single day they're the ones that keep me going they're the ones that keep me coming back I am Alice Asset limited income constraint employed when we had our.

Kids we were very very young I, mean we were really young when we got married we were very young when the kids were born and we were very optimistic that it was all gonna work out and everything would be fine.

We got a bill right after my son's heart surgery for $88,000 had a panic attack, and then started making phone calls and they're like well the insurance company. Said that it wasn't covered and you know so then I went through battles arguing.

Back and forth on top of the additional expense of going for all of these there was the expense of now my paycheck is smaller than I thought it was going to be, and when you're trying to pay them all off everybody wants payment now so I'm like you get a dollar you get a dollar you get. Five dollars and I'll just keep doing this until it's paid off or I die one of the two things. Happens we have been struggling but getting through and that year, is kind of the year that everything fell apart and we just we never did get back.

From it we tried we were gonna lose the house I'm like nope we're done so that's when I finally went through with it and, declared bankruptcy it was the only it was our last, resort it was the only way we were gonna keep the house my youngest son senior year at Wilkes but his senior year financially.

Disappeared so my husband and I had to pay out of pocket for his senior year, we couldn't get any loans like we were completely and utterly tapped out at that point did everything we possibly could do to get that paid so that, he could graduate on time the last actual vacation I took that did not involve anything medical and anything to, do with the kids was Niagara Falls and we're coming up on our 30th wedding anniversary this November so it's been 10 years there's a.

Lot of things we'd like to do we just don't have the money to do it so it waits this is, the reality of life today if you no matter how hard you work no matter how many jobs you work if you don't fall.

Into the very book very below where you can get assistance. Or in the very upper tier where you can afford to live you're struggling and you're swimming and all it takes is one bad thing to happen and everything, falls apart and no matter how hard you work you never, get out of that hole never it's hard to think that you put your entire life and have nothing to show for it and I know. That I do I know I have a roof over my head and a lot of people don't and I have four, kids who are great great kids so I realized that I am blessed and I realized that I am fortunate. And more fortunate, than a lot of people but there are also days when when I feel absolutely buried and I feel like I'm drowning because just feels like I'm never gonna get out, from under and not worry about where the money's coming from then what we're gonna have to sacrifice in order to do, it I am Alice I think there's a whole lot of people out there that are Alice and probably are afraid to admit that. They're Alice don't. Give up even though you feel like it I frequently feel like it but we've got to stick together and more people have to start. Coming out and and it's hard to admit it it's hard to admit that, you know you're struggling no one's life is perfect we've all got to be together we've all got to get together.

And and demand that things change you .

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