December 18, 2020

Federal Pay Raise 2020

Federal Pay Raise 2020 brian Reese here comin at you live from Austin Texas um and I'm gonna keep my video up down here on the bottom so that you guys can see me yep I got. Some people jumping insane yep Brian we hear you we got you I am a little bit. Early though okay I'm about five minutes early I was really really excited to. Jump in and do this train today for you guys because it's such an important topic right regardless of whatever your VA rating, is whatever your compensation is if you're underrated or you know what maybe you have the. Exact rating that you should have right now okay which that's awesome if you do more power to you I think that's absolutely incredible it's a. Blessing because what our stats show is that 8 out of 10 of you do not have the VA disability rating. And compensation you deserve okay so that makes me angry and hopefully we can turn some of that around today okay again people are still. Jumping in got about 80 folks on right. Now Scott says I can hear you loud and clear Anthony says I got you Cathy what's going on dan what's up Ricky how are ya Josh coming at you from the other side of the, pond it's pretty, rad what's up Ralph says loud and clear Michael see you and hear you John loud and clear what happens if the higher level denies you. Okay I'll answer that real quick before we start so the new VA appeals process right kicked off February of 2019 veterans now have three options to appeal right, you can do what's called a higher level review where a dro, decision review officer will look at the events look at the decision of the the Raider the RBS are and decide if it was a good decision, or a bad decision we've seen some unbelievable results with the higher level, review but this particular question was what happens if I'm denied in the higher level review then what you can always go to the. Next level which number two is the Supplemental claim Wayne okay so if you. Have new and relevant evidence not previously considered upload that maybe it's a new DBT ooh maybe it's.

A new Nexus letter maybe it's a new buddy letter a new personal statement hey upload that. Stuff in support of your supplemental claim if you get denied the Supplemental claim lane you can always do another Supplemental claim with new evidence, or you can then appeal to the board which I don't recommend anybody does because right now there's over a hundred and fifty thousand Appeals in backlog at the BVA which is, just ridiculous okay but anyway higher level review is a great first step if you're denied in the higher level review you. Can always go to the Supplemental claim, lane okay I see a bunch more people jumping on about seventy eight people on live again I'm still a few minutes early what's, up combat Craig Ivan hey Sabrina hey Bryan your team is awesome thank you for the help gotcha hello I can see and hear, you loud and clear what's up Joey good to see you man Joey that we helped him inside, of elite he got the rating in compensation he deserved at least in round one and we're back slugging in round two with. More medical evidence okay you guys can see – I got my brand-new Yeti mic here I got my my mic, popper as well because sometimes those peas pop a little bit but anyway we are. Broadcasting live right now okay coming at you live from Austin Texas and this is a pretty awesome epic presentation, so regardless of whether you're already an insider or not you're gonna learn some pretty rad.

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