December 19, 2020

Fafsa Application 2020-21

Fafsa Application 2020-21 all right here's agenda we're just going to talk what is financial aid talk about the different programs that are out there with programs into that FSA. ID look at eligibility criteria dependency criteria talked more about what parents need to be on the backs of my parents don't need to be on the. FAFSA talk about financial aid financial information on the FAFSA and then we'll talk about I have a college, application which is the 911 and then there's companies basically the FAFSA calculates needs to be low 5555 76 and the students could get, a maximum award of 6,000 so works on a sliding scale, how much that's per year and that's around December so typically what happens is this EFC range goes up slightly or the schools too we have the current plus my lizard or a., Bonus for the parents to take out to help out the students education there is a credit requirement for this one nothing to doing this other than the fact that they're attending school so the Parent PLUS loan does require. Credit check if the. Parents are didn't marry the Parent PLUS loan students could be eligible for some additional so the students in a pinch have, something they're going to improve sometimes it's best practice to get tonight so the student can take out without having to take out any private loans are going to research, we've got our state programs with a lot of space programs we're gonna disperse over. Eighty million dollars next year in state programs our biggest program the language was. Your grant program these are for students who are attending private not-for-profit yes he has to be and a deadline for the FAFSA is. July 1st so the FAFSA will humpin at October 1st of this year for students for the we have, to community college programs the Iowa vocational technical tuition grant and the kiddie grant that have very key absolute criteria the deadline. Is July 1st these are for students that are. Going to involved in CTE Career and Technical Education programs all students are both CTE programs are eligible for bug check Kim has a specific we do have a slew of other programs regarding Education Assistance. Program which I believe has changed its name to the, National Guard service scholarship and that's where a member of our National Guard education and training a voucher program does federally funded program for students who aged out of the foster care system, or about to be 16 so any. Of those students want to make sure that they're applying for that education training, project their African workers will work with that as well we're in constant communication with DHS and we have to care.

Community to give those foster care students to a scholarship we have the Governor Terry Branstad Iowa State Fair scholarship this is the scholarship that's. Funded by here students are required to the essays of essays in our application minimum work requirements it's a lot of work we have a hundred students of. Blackness every year all I love to eat scholarship this is a scholarship and getting thousands on thousands of applications 450 these are students, who have graduated high school within the last two years above the 2.5 GPA requirement that we. Do reach out to all the high school in the state of Iowa to give those priority, criteria is students that are in foster care size chunk of these students who were involved under care of the programs our. Students typically we don't make it past the foster-care trader population but we got to start saying okay Pfc, and then our two brand-new programs for this year the future ready I have ingredients in the future nei the last dollar scholarship I'm sure what, you've, heard about it you've heard mostly about the last dollar scholarship and the grant I'm gonna quickly go over that's where, students who are coming back to school who haven't been in school for the past two years so these are for people who are going into specific kinda fields for baccalaureate degrees, we've already had half of their credit back to school and certain amounts fluctuate over year for the first year I believe 3,000 or 4,000 dollars or. Any student way to get entice students to go back to their masters degree the last, our scholarship this is the pace for your tuition who pays for colleges and their spells of health, science here at Des Moines this one is, also for specific country fields and it's only for associate's degrees for tiny field is the list is going to be changing on a basis scholarship page there's a link, that will take you to a list her college programs Hopper's so. Community colleges in your they're mainly healthcare stripping centers technical health care programs welding farmers ranch managers and programs like that they're all career technical education more than likely. These students can be eligible for the program's answer question on the last dollar contracts are any of you explain. This so today like I had a student who was interested in Nursing and that is a high-knee deal and they were interested in.

Mercy so when determining if they get, that like one I guess are there like specific qualifications for that like yes then would it take like there if they get the Pell Grant and. Then do they have to take like the 5500 and love them to look for that you're right so there's two eligible. Populations for the last dollar scholarship program students who are, immediately graduated college and I'm going.

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