December 18, 2020

Estimated Tax Payments 2019

Estimated Tax Payments 2019 back when I had to file taxes for the first time I was both lost and confused and honestly a little bit frustrated that after years of education learning things like trigonometry and poetry they have never taught me something so, common as how to file your taxes but at least I can find a cosign of.

A triangle right anyways this video is the video that I wish I had back then and hopefully it’ll help you get, through doing your taxes for the first time so without further ado let’s get started so. I’m not gonna waste your time, on this grand explanation for why we pay taxes all you really need to know is that we pay taxes to fund the government need to fill out both of, federal and state tax return and the deadline to pay your taxes is April 15th when people talk about filing taxes.

All they really mean is filling out these complicated tax forms and mailing it to the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS along with any payments that you owe for taxes I’ll put a link in the description below to help you figure out, if you even need to file taxes but generally speaking if you had a job.

At any point during the year you should file your taxes because you. Might owe more taxes now or you might be getting a refund because you overpaid on your taxes throughout the year all right so how do you actually file your. Taxes well there’s three main ways to do it the first way is.

To fill out those tax forms manually I’ll put some links down in the description to learn more but honestly this is probably one of the worst ways, to do it especially for your first time moving on the second way to do it is to just have a professional do it for, you this can be a.

Good option if you have a particularly complicated tax situation such as owning your own business going. Through a major life change or if you had forgotten to pay taxes in the past but frankly this option can get expensive, and if this is your first time filing taxes your situation is most likely not that complicated to even need help in the first.

Place that’s why most people use the third option which is to use tax preparation software to help you do your. Taxes the way tax preparation software usually works is that they ask you a bunch of questions about your income and possible deductions and then they fill out your tax returns for, you this option is pretty easy and very popular but.

So often comes with a fee however many tax preparation software can be used for free if you’re just a gross income is less than, a certain amount you can kind of guesstimate your. Adjusted gross income by adding together all the sources of income you’ve made throughout the year the IRS has a list of free software that you can use to file your tax returns that I’ll. Link down below when you’re looking through the list of options pay extra attention to the requirements, you need to meet in order to use their software for free and check whether or not they provide a state tax return for.

, Free as well remember that you need to file both federal and state taxes so you want.

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