December 18, 2020

Ebay Sales Tax 2020

Ebay Sales Tax 2020 hey guys sent here I gotta make this fully quick I got 11 minutes on my phone anyways so here's an update on eBay and their bull shenanigans that I'm not gonna tolerate and I've been. Proven right I just got off the phone with JM bullion in person who told me, that I am not supposed to be Church sales tax being in Michigan even as of January 1st 2020 as eBay head told me.

That I am to be charged sales taxes of January, 1st 2020 it's false I asked eBay after 2 times consecutively requesting the information as proof stating from the Department of Treasury for Michigan.

That I'm to be charged sales tax so they sent me a link ok sent me a, link here's the link to the Michigan Department of Treasury and this was sent to me. By eBay customer help what's it's take me to it takes me to a bull page full of absolutely. Nothing to do with what we just talked about that's what it takes me to so then let's click on this oh and then they. Sent me this other one here's the link of the eBay help. Page about tax online so let's click on this Oh doesn't work how am i surprised eBay you cocksuckers, now let's go to Liberty Coin I emailed Liberty corn and I asked them I said Bing in Michigan a, tax free precious metal state why was I charged a $48 sales tax this the first time I have ever paid sales tax on.

Precious metals as a frequent buyer from Liberty Coin your records will show that is this an error they emailed me. Back hello thanks for your message due to the new internet sales tax regulations eBay began to collect sales tax.

In Michigan on January 1st 2020 this purchase should be exempt from sales tax. Unfortunately as with many new procedures eBay's having administrative issues implementing unique product sales tax exemptions which vary widely from state to state if he made charges you sales tax we can assist in obtaining a refund from the sales. Tax, that eBay charged you on this purchase it'll take eBay approximately seven to ten business days to process the refund request that we will submit under behalf of sales taxes collected we apologize for, any inconvenience the taxes you may have caused sincerely Liberty Coin all right guys here's the thing I'm not putting up with bull so I've. Officially contacted the Department of Treasury in the state of Michigan and reported eBay for tax fraud because if, you're not.

Going to get your together eBay well you got to pay for it tard that's all I got to say about. That it's 48 bucks whatever I probably ship that as soon as I wake up in the morning but nevertheless and suffice. To say you and the horse you rode in on you're getting reported bitches til next time, I friends.

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