December 19, 2020

Credit Monitoring Service

Credit Monitoring Service hey guys thank you so much for watching this video please give us a call if you guys are looking to improve your credit score lower your car payment buy a car trade in a car if, you're looking to purchase your first home if you're looking to purchase of rental property we can help you give, us a call today eight seven seven.

Two zero five seven seven seven one talk to you guys soon and thanks again hello cornices Calvin Russell CEO and founder vaping club pretty consultation over ones doing well, today today we're gonna talk about why experience is the best reporting agency in my opinion okay.

Now we're not talking about accuracy right of course that will play a major role but again the reason why I think it's more so on the. Business side of things they're one of the, few they actually haven't gotten in trouble yet or half yet which I'm, sure people are probably trying to get into that system but at the same time I think that the most trusted credit bureau you know out of all the credit bureaus that, are out there okay and let's talk about a few things number.

One they've been in the information no age for quite some time I mean they've been getting all. Types of data on people outside of what's on their credit reports a lot of times when companies are looking to verify your identity you know they don't know if, they're transmitting the Equifax they go through experience because Experian.

Looks for things that most people will know for example you know they go outside of the credit report so like small things if you guys have ever you know had.

Your identity verified before they know the.

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