February 6, 2021

Best Small Business Checking Account

Best Small Business Checking Account hey guys what is going on and welcome back to the channel my name is Brian Jung and on this channel we talk about personal finance credit cards and entrepreneurship if you guys are, returning subs welcome my boys I love y'all but basically in this, video we're gonna be talking about how you guys can utilize that Charles Schwab $103 now this is gonna be the most easiest free $100 you guys can ever get you literally just. Sign up put in some information and bam 30 days later, you guys get a $100 now when I made this video. I made an unboxing video a few months ago I've been getting a ton of questions like you know the referral. Link I'm not sure if it's working what's going on is this gonna do a hard pull I'm not sure what a brokerage account is so in this video I'm gonna be talking, about the questions that you guys have for me and I'm gonna be clearing up everything you guys need to know about the Charles Schwab ax, checking account now this is actually called the Charles Schwab high-yield checking account. Something like that high-yield investors account but basically all you guys need to know is that there's a checking account but when you get the checking account, it links to, a brokerage account basically if you guys don't know what a brokerage account is either it's basically a platform where another service is actually gonna be able to sell trade buy stocks for you. Basically they're gonna invest not in just stocks maybe in bonds. But different things it's kind of like an index fund or a mutual fund and if you guys don't know what any of that means. Hold up this book is insane I'll just say this is a. Really good book it's a very easy read and you guys are gonna learn a lot and you guys are gonna save a lot of money I, have this linked in the description too if you guys are interested really awesome book, just to get straight into you guys if you sign up using a referral. Link they're gonna gift you a 100 dollars onto your checking account now I've got some questions like hey is this gonna do a hard pull why isn't the referral links working who do. I need to talk to how long.

Do I have to wait so let's go over all of it you actually get the $100 you normally have to. Wait 30 days that's how long I have to wait but then there are other people who, called them after like three weeks and then they gift it to them instantly so this is really a your miles may very type deal it's gonna be dependent on who you are and who you talk. To but for the most part you guys you guys are gonna get your, money okay you don't have to worry about that Charles Schwab has an, impeccable service when it comes to talking to their customer support agents and just getting a. Good relationship with them because whenever I call them guys I get like the the like most-respected like i feel like i'm talking to someone with prestige it's pretty cool now. I keep getting comments like hey referral links not working even, in our Facebook group like anyone have a referral link guys if the referral link is expired it's not really expired still click the link fill out the information and what you have to.

Do is go into chat or call them up and be like hey I'm, not sure if the referral link went through can you make sure dead here's the code and I'm gonna put in this script right here by my man's Daniel I'm. Pretty sure he's Korean so shout out to my Korean brother he's in our Facebook group and he screenshot at. This chat script right here so as you guys can see. He was able to provide them with the correct information and they gifted to, him it was really no hard complicated thing and it doesn't seem like charles schwab agents are very resistive about giving out the $100 you just need to tell them and when they. Punch it in manually it seems like they get a lot of these messages so they do it gladly just.

Tell him exactly like hey I just want to make sure my referral link went through because I actually waited more than, a couple weeks and I didn't see it, go through so I manually told them and they happily put it in now with the Charles Schwab, account there is no monthly and there is no minimum you can literally get the hundred dollars in your brokerage account you would have to then transfer it to your checking's and then you. Could put that hundred dollars, wherever you want but it's a really easy a hundred dollars and I feel like a lot of people can take advantage of it, I don't encourage you guys to but I do remember making an account like a couple years ago to I'm not sure. If I have the hundred dollars back then I, feel like if you really wanted to you could take advantage and open many accounts one thing that I would advise against though is that you guys are gonna. Get a lot of hard pulls now hard pulls is something that a lot of people did not know about so this actually gives you a hard pull on your. Equifax account not your.

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