February 6, 2021

Best Online Banks for Business Checking Accounts

Best Online Banks for Business Checking Accounts what's up guys Jake here in today's video I want to talk to you about a u.s. bank special signup bonus offer. For opening a new checking account with them for those who don't know me my name is Jake and I'm active-duty military I post weekly about military and.

Finance topics if that interests you consider subscribing the reason I learned about this special offer through S, Bank is because the next credit card I want to get is the US bank altitude. Reserve card this is one of those top tier premium cards it has a four hundred dollar annual fee because I'm active duty military that'll be waived however you do. Get what they call US bank calls flex points fifty thousand. Points worth about seven hundred fifty dollars in travel this card for me is going to be amazing because it gives you a.

Three hundred twenty five dollar annual statement credit that can go towards travel purchases however this card, has a catch this catch is it's exclusive to us bank customers and they know that people who chase credit card bonuses like I do, are likely just to you know sign up for an account. If that's required and then get the card and then ignore the accounts u.s. bank is thought of this so you have to open some kind of account with them checking savings wealth management's you then have, to have that count for 30 days before you're eligible then to apply for the u.s. bank altitude reserve. Card so I just went into my, local u.s. bank branch here in North Dakota and they have this offer going called the 2009 fall checking offer I tried to find this on. Their website and it's actually not on their website this is an in branch only offer.

And I think what US bank is trying to do is they're trying to discourage people from around the country around the world just to sign up, for a checking accounts and then turn that $400 signup bonus and then, ignore them going forward and move on to the next accounts by making sure that you're physically, coming into the branch that means that you're local you're probably from the community you're most likely going to begin using US banks, services long term and that is what it's what that's what the intended purpose of this checking account sign up bonus is for how this signup bonus works is you have to. Do two deposit I know some people don't like this but it's for me it's not that hard all I have to. Do is go on my pay switch my direct deposit information and in, order to get the $400 signup bonus I have to direct deposit four thousand. Dollars within a 60 day period I'll just put my entire paycheck.

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