December 18, 2020

Best Credit Cards With Rewards

Best Credit Cards With Rewards this year I've earned over 2,600 dollars of free airfare hotels rental cars and other rewards by using these and before you get down in the comments and give me an old. Know that I am NOT here to debate whether credit cards are great or yeah I'm not here for that all I want to. Do is do what I always do and give an alternate perspective a perspective from somebody that maybe isn't getting paid to say certain things, or trying to get you to, buy something somebody that's actually lived it and been on both sides of the fence. I've been the guy that's caught up all my credit cards and called them evil I've been on graham Stefan's page telling him what a. Donkey was we're saying credit cards are great I've been there but with a little bit of maturity in education my mindset is kind, of switched a little bit I'm gonna tell you why people think they're bad why I think. They might be okay and how I'm really qualified to give that opinion based. On my own experience because if you're like me you've been on that fence where you got one side saying evil evil the worst thing ever but then you got this other side possibly, that's like I'm mature I'm good with money I don't hold a balance I don't pay interest I want the rewards so you might like. Be deciding which side of, the fence you need to go on to I'm gonna go through my credit card history tell.

You how many points have accumulated this year how I accumulated them how much they were worth and possibly give you a couple ideas for, some beginner cards that you might want to use first the elephant in the room guys I am aware how much Dave Ramsey hates credit cards but to be honest he's really, the only. One that really I've heard feel so strongly about it and I was talking with mark over whiteboard finance and he said you. Know it's a shame that people like us that have so much respect for Dave Ramsey still can't give our own opinions, without people lighting us up for having those opinions and I'll agree with the fact that credit cards can be detrimental to people's wealth if they can't control themselves. They're bad when put in the hands of bad people but one of the, number one go-to Zhai here is like credit cards are the the major issue and the reason why America is. In so much debt but when I went on dead org and looked at the leading causes of death here in America I found out, that credit cards are actually fourth behind home auto and. Student loans and that credit cards are only 26.2 percent of America's debt which is down from 38 percent a decade ago so that means three quarters of America's debt is coming from somewhere else besides, credit cards so it's really not the leading cause of our debt issues and I think. One of the hardest debates that Dave Ramsey has is when people talk about you know being responsible and paying them off. And not having any interest or even keeping the cards while you're trying to. Pay off debt he says no way Jose keep your credit cards out of the question go get every single credit card you own. Like right now put them on your kitchen table grab some scissors and cut them up you have to completely. Amputate your problem the credit cards well, how does he necessarily know what your problem is well that's up for you to decide our credit card your problem then may be they are, pretty bad he goes on to say that responsible credit card usage just. Does not exist no matter what famous actors tell you in commercials there's not a single good reason to keep a credit card around not even for the points and the. Miles and all of that baloney well, now knowing what I know I kind of take that as an insult like he's pretty much telling me that I'm not a responsible adult that. Can handle my money properly even after following his program for two whole years and some of his other articles kind of contradict that statement as well like. This article that said that only 1 in 3 Americans are behind on their bills that, means that 2/3 are not behind on their bills that. Means 2/3 of us are responsible with our money and he says in another article that the Federal Reserve Board estimates that only 45%.

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