February 22, 2021

Best Credit Cards For Everyday Spending in 2020

Best Credit Cards For Everyday Spending in 2020 what is going on you guys welcome back to another video the reason why I have a banana in my hand. Is because apparently my background is very bland so I just found some random stuff at the crib to put in. The back I got some homemade kimchi that my mom made and I got a banana oh okay Wow I'm literally sitting where I place those two items what, the free ah okay I still put the just break my chair there just break this chair something just snapped the heck oh my gosh I think. I just broke my chair man I think I just broke my chair. I think I just broke my chair so yeah make sure you guys don't skip the ads in this. Video because I think I need to get a new chair dammit. Dammit it's all freaking wobbly now look at that this is not the best way to start a video whoa this is actually on sale on Amazon so I thought I'd try it out how, good reviews taste so good it tastes like Gatorade old standard pre-workout whoa ah all right you, know what is going on you guys welcome back to another video so we've talked a lot on. Our channel about the credit cards you guys should use when you're going out to the supermarket. When you're going out done and when you're going out traveling and, things like that and that's such an easy thing to make a video on I decide I'm actually gonna make a video on.

The credit cards you should use in terms of the times you don't know which credit card to use so say you're going to the doctor's what credit cards do you. Say you're going to the dentist what credit card do you use say you're going to Walmart or, Target or Best Buy and you don't have any, of those store cards what cards should you use in those situations what cards should you use if it doesn't fall into the popular category.

Of travel dining supermarkets and gas stations what do you do we're gonna go over just exactly what those cards are now before I get started this video I just want. To say thank you guys so much for tuning by if you guys have never seen me before my name is Brian, I'm talking about credit cards in the home it is I'll talk about wow let's do. Another cut of that before we get started with this video if any of you guys have never seen me before my, name is Brian Jung I talk about credit cards personal.

Finance business and entrepreneurship on this channel if any of that interest you make sure you guys consider subscribing you don't have to subscribe I. Don't want to force you to do anything out here but if you guys want to if you guys are bored if you guys. Want to support you know a boy just trying to chase his dreams go ahead that's an easy.

Way to do it I throw good karma back out at you guys okay yeah that pretty workouts hitting me so I'm gonna, split this video up into three parts the first part is we're gonna. Have a universal law or rule that you guys should.

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