December 18, 2020

Best Credit Cards 2020

Best Credit Cards 2020 no this is Cameron from you 90 credit services llc doing a brief video about our trade line postings assistance update video like to let people know that we're still the business. Was still doing tre lines and see Pina still work they're very successful in getting also work on social profiles as well social security number profiles, of course that's.

Successful this is a extra step in that we did for a client on one hub we put up a profile here you got a 759 you see he's willing to go to his profile, now he got a primary from us and he got a a you a. Primaries are still hitting the brave steady their in-house and they're proving the work for the last 12 months it's the. The medical one that goes anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 back dated about five years. And you see this is uh he got is the medical primary we mention earlier and he got a bar cause he got two he. Got two now keep in mind the medic one only reports to trans V Union so.

You want to find a credit card or some kind of loans there was that polls from. TransUnion and the you be successful here I'm recommended a few mainly credit unions I donated federal paws off friend Union and a, few others pulled off TransUnion as well but you can do a google search and find out which companies draw off of TransUnion and then you'll be successful in getting some kind of credit. Card there so you got a primary they got a a.

You Barclays sorry what this is right quick it is a user perfect a history $10,000 credit limit as a partially, seven years old so so again he got the to trade lines a primary he also got an eight you and so, he's gonna go ahead and actually ordered. Another one to hasn't posted yet three of them and he won't apply for some credit cards he was telling me but some of the area was still in. Business told on the train lines have over 350 trade lines now we definitely helped me out we have crayons Louis, $200 now so we have to start a trade lines that we mentioned on other videos we have older trade lives and she she here about seven years old, we have some another twenty five years old so we have something for every age group and as high as, about forty to fifty thousand as well primaries uh we go up to twenty thousand and, about two weeks will be coming out with a mortgage and a auto trade.

Line yeah it's true and auto and mortgage straight line we're working on right now I'm having those coming out soon I, will do videos on those as well the tube that what we, say we can do we don't say anything that we can't perform we are growing we now we have three employees we, do get busy some of you have commented that you know we don't get back to people but walking back to eventually Texas good send a text email we'll get back to you, eventually as I said we have.

Growing tremendously now and we show you a little bit of content here this is a a medical finance Corp now people asked me for primaries how can I, get a primary on my CB n well this is a medical finance Corp some great successful and, going see being friendly now it doesn't do a lie it doesn't mean them, a disease chiropractic snoring dermatology so you have skin issues you can even spinal and. Hernia repair so not very popular but and this is what you do is just apply let me give you ten to fifteen thousand dollars not the, use it will show up on your profile and now you have a primary so, don't worry about if you don't have any of these kind of ailments or maladies just sign up for get the primary to show up on your own on, your profile now this I recommend having at least one trade line you mean three to four or five years is good I'll let, them see being aid about 45 to 60 days then apply for this here I'm very successful as a primary of course, you can buy primary we have primary for sale as I mentioned the medical primary that medical now is only.


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