February 16, 2021

Best Checking Accounts 2020

Best Checking Accounts 2020 hey born my name is Kevin and in this video we're gonna be talking about the best checking accounts to get in 2020 I'm gonna tell you my honest thoughts on the best checking accounts to get and even. Tell you about one that has a five point zero nine percent interest rate so I make videos like, this all the time about personal finance real estate passive income and reviews of financial products, so if you like that sort of thing be sure to check out my other videos and subscribe to the channel and be sure to drop, a like on, this video if it helped you in any way I'd really appreciate if you did so now let's jump right into it the first thing you need to know, about checking accounts is that most checking accounts out there are awful instead of, banks paying you interest you end up paying the banks in fees thanks like Bank of America Chase Wells Fargo Citibank and, a whole lot of banks out there will charge you account maintenance fees which could be ten twelve fifteen dollars every single month unless you meet certain criteria just.

To have the account with them that is ridiculous you shouldn't pay account maintenance fees you should, instead be getting interest from these banks and to. Top it all off these banks pay you close to zero percent interest so instead of getting ten or fifteen dollars a month you're gonna be paying that to have these accounts that's ridiculous I'm going to show. You in this video a couple of checking accounts all of which have interests and all, of which are free to own the number one checking account for 2020 is called so five money it's an account that I. Love and I personally use and have for some time I've recommended it on my channel before and the reason. Is because it's an overall great account and, it's free to use there are a few key reasons why I love so fie money in all detail them here number one. Like I said it's free to use there are no account minimums there are no account maintenance fees to have so five money account number two. It has a great, interest rate of one point six zero percent as of the date of this video now when you compare that to other banks out there like Bank of America Chase Wells. Fargo and Citibank that have interest rates on both their checking and saving, accounts of near zero percent you can see why earning one point six percent on your money is so good additionally sulfa money is FDIC insured through the sweet program up to 1.5 million dollars which, is way more money than, I know that all need to have FDIC insured but it certainly is a nice thing to have and lastly sulphide money has all the flexibility of. A checking account with all the benefits of a high-yield savings account so it's really a hybrid account combining the best of both worlds. If you want simplicity in your financial life and you still want to have a good high-yield, account which is free to have so fie money is going to be the one for you that's.

Why I like it so much because I don't really have to worry about juggling my money around a bunch of different, accounts I have a few different accounts but that's mainly because I've tried a few of them out. And I've whittled them down to the ones that I love the most and so Phi money is definitely my number one go-to account for my everyday checking, needs so Phi money. Even has a lot of other features which are really nice to have for example they allow free ATM withdrawals at any ATM, that accepts Visa so this is basically almost every ATM that you're gonna see out there they're going to actually reimburse you ATM fees. There's no limit on the amount of money that they will reimburse via ATM as far as I'm aware and, it is a very convenient thing to have because there are ATMs on every single corner but they might not be for your traditional banks for example. I had chase before as a bank and if I want, to withdraw money from an ATM it had to be from a chase branded ATM otherwise I would incur an ATM. Fee not so with self ID money I can use any ATM that accepts Visa and they will reimburse which is definitely a very nice benefit, to have some of the other cool features of so fie money include the fact that you can actually order, physical checks for free from so fie money now this is a standout feature that I think is really convenient. For those who have to for example pay rent. With a check and.

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