December 18, 2020

Bernie Sanders Tax Returns

Bernie Sanders Tax Returns do you have 31 days left to file your taxes returns have to be filed by tomorrow well there you go Oh business returns have to be filed, by tomorrow okay everybody’s going on that’s tomorrow well well anyway there’s a good side, to this because it appears that there are more than a dozen irs-certified volunteers hoping to change your negative feelings by providing very affordable tax filing and our, own Ashley Carrasco has that story guys I know many people, who dread income tax season you have to get all the paperwork together you have to set the appointment to file your taxes you have to pay to file your, taxes some people have to pay after they file their. Taxes and those who get money back have to decide what am I going to do with this money well the folks here at the Teresa McCormick Center in partnership with United Way want to ease that stress. For, you a little bit through the Vita program it’s short for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program get this you can file your taxes absolutely free yes you heard that right free your, household these two make fifty five thousand or less to qualify with mostly basic taxes but, if they’re a little bit more complicated they’re not going to turn you away they. Are up for the challenge and they will figure out how to get those taxes done for, you we spoke to one of the organizers here her name is Ashley Hughes and she says that this is all about passion love. For people and giving back to the community when they walked in you know they’re greeted at the door with a, smile we’re happy to do this we’re happy to be here for them they come.

In with questions and we’re ready to answer if we don’t know the answer off the top of our head and we’ll look it up and we’ll. Do all of the research and due diligence that we need to do to make sure that we’re helping them the best that. We can that tax filing deadline is quickly approaching it’s April 15th many openings, in the Vita program here in Jackson County so you’re going to want to be sure to give them a call as soon as possible and get yourself in here the number is five four, one seven seven three five three three nine five, four one seven seven three five three three nine all you’re going to need again fifty five thousand dollars or less a year per household, a socialist curity card and your ID card so they can be sure to identify you and be able to file your taxes in a. Quick manner and so all you do is call that number you let them know you’re interested in, the vitae program the, free filing tax program and they’ll get you in back to you guys .

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