February 6, 2021

Benefits of Auto Repair Invoicing Software

Benefits of Auto Repair Invoicing Software wednesday we are back for another episode of automatic area we are automated are you own a man that's what the idea behind. Cell series is right exactly it's we're coming to you about the questions that our clients are asking us our shops are asking us but then, also what we've been curious to learn and explore more into as well and even questions that you didn't think to ask, and that's a lot of times it's like oh my goodness that's that simple so that's, why were here we're gonna keep doing this and bringing other people on board yes and we want you to stop in and say hi because there's a lot, to learn here there's absolutely a, lot to learn here and you just got back from a big conference this past weekend how is vision Kansas. City a vision was amazing I said one of the biggest things that I like about it is seeing all those texts going to those classes because they understand the power of knowledge and learning you know, in the old days we could pull things apart and figure, about but today that's not true and if you're not careful you can hurt yourself so it's really great seeing a lot of folks. Out there at Kansas and if I saw you that's great if I didn't see, him good job man and yeah that's great and if anybody's watching in the Meuse at Kansas City let, us know who'd you talk to who did you see while we were there I know all right now I've never personally been to vision before, but I know this conference is really different from a lot. Because of how much education is there it really is more focused on the idea of learning and training rather than going to booths and stopping to see, what everybody's selling that's actually a pretty accurate because you know when we're out in the booth, in the expo we only see people when they're not in class and you can see how the class is flowed because there's probably than some leaders. Everybody's like school got you know recess yeah or whatever it might be and the, other thing is it takes place in the heart of the United States and you have a lot of people driving. For hours and hours are flying in from all around the United States to be at that point to share. Their knowledge and there's people showing up to grab that knowledge and run with it so it's a really great, of that you have to go sometime I have to get there but until then we're going to keep educating all of our. Shops and today we're going to talk about some of. The benefits of auto repair invoicing software anymore and voicing so we all know that when it comes to. Paying the bill and taking out the wallet it's not our customers favorite time of their apartment but it doesn't necessarily have to be the shops least favorite time either no I mean it's, actually the shops happy time yeah this is when they're making money so how does. Software make it easier when it comes to invoicing the invoices that a lot of the management systems give are really, dysfunctional they're really you know they lay things out in a really weird order and they're black and white there's, nothing to it's just a big receipt and most customers are going to.

Take that and just throw it in a glove box or in the trash sorry so what we can do.

With our software we can do a lot more with that document instead of, just being a receipt and hard to read we can actually make it easier for the customers and we can actually put a lot. Of things on it I know you're going to talk about what we can put on it sure. Yeah so the whole idea that we're able to build a customized report where you don't have to go in and do the work every single time you go to build out and do it all.

You do is hit print all you have to do. Is hit print it's already done for you but there's so many different things that you're able to add on invoices now if you're using an auto, repair software for invoicing whether it's built on technologies or any other company you know.

You're able to add things like your logo like your branded colors all of your contact information in case they need to get ahold, of you again and then you also have the opportunity specifically with our software to add in things like coupons, educational coupons educational information you know we have Car Care Month coming up you know next month perhaps it's no yeah, this next month oh my gosh it's right we're in March so perhaps it's just adding in some tips of.

How to maintain their car and how to keep their car a car you know top-notch there's, so many different things that you can add to really continue to provide more. Value to your customers and incentivize them to come back you know actually you hit on a point too because you said it's not the customers favorite time, at this point and when they pick up the piece they seen a bill and unfortunately. That surprised that financial drain and the customer has when they come and the surprises all that that's no good but that's another good reason for the. Parity invoice because what we should be doing is as we look at the customers car, today we should know in a trans neat.

Service when a tires need to rotate on it and we should put all that right on the documents at a customer and seize it and when they show up they're not surprised we've already told.

Them what they're going to do I mean I just went to the dentist. This morning they told me to get back six with months for the cleaning I know what they're. Going to do because they already did the what do you blow the x-rays and everything today sorry that's what we should be doing what our customers want to come, to our shops today we did your oil change and this and that but next time you come. In your trans needs to be serviced absolutely you know what, I know another really important factor that you can add in our services that were to, client as well so you.

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