January 15, 2021

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative Assistant Job Description in this video I'm gonna tell you what you should expect from your books per each month and if you're a book keeper what you need to be doing, for your clients each month hey my name is Morgan and I'm from fine points bookkeeping and my goal is to help business owners get organized and one of my most. Popular videos here on YouTube was what does a bookkeeper do so I decided.

To make a whole series on what does a bookkeeper, do because I know some of you guys are trying to be bookkeepers or some of you guys are looking to, find bookkeepers for your small business so stay tuned the next month or so to get the rest of my what does a bookkeeper do, series make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to be, notified of each of my new videos each week every Thursday all right the first thing that you need to expect from your bookkeeper is they need to be sending you financial statements every single month so I do is, I send my clients a profit and loss and a balance statement each month and then sometimes some, clients will request other documents as well but, those two for sure I always send it just gives them a snapshot of the.

Whole month and usually I compare it to a year-to-date just so they can see how their business is performing what they spent and how much money they made, that month and it takes a little time for all of the bank transactions to show up in your, bank account and then show up in QuickBooks and for me to process them so I told my clients definitely by the 10th of each month usually. It's a little bit sooner about depending on how many clients I have and what my workload is definitely by the. 10th you will see all of your financial reporting and then the second thing that you, will usually see for me is a list of transactions that I do not know where they go in. Most cases once I learn your business I'm pretty familiar with, your vendors so where you buy stuff you know where you buy office supplies where you're you buy your wholesale items but usually every month, there's something maybe you took a trip or it may be a bigger retailer maybe like Target where you could be buying office supplies or you could be buying you know, wholesale items that you combine to make something so those will go in different categories and, QuickBooks so I'll just send.

You a list usually it's just a very very fairly small list and I want you to tell me where to put those things in QuickBooks because that is my job I'm. Categorizing all of your expenses in QuickBooks and putting them in an organized or Matt to give to you.

So you have a clear picture of what your business looks like number, three is your business specific requests so each client has a little bit different set up obviously and different needs that that. I'm fulfilling for them so some it might be payroll so for payroll it could be entering your employees hours and then sending it off to.

The payroll company so that they are able to give your employees direct deposits there's also a bit of communication, with the payroll company and the taxes that need to be done as well and then as part of your financial.

Reporting I'm also reconciling your bank accounts so making sure, that all of the entries that are in QuickBooks are also match or being accountant everything is zeroed out perfectly as well as. Possibly paying bills and then invoicing clients as well so oftentimes I will send out invoices and then I'm the one who, will follow up if we haven't had payment yet or I will collect payment if that is necessary as, well all right number four that you should expect from your bookkeeper is just being available for your questions so I know this seems fairly basic but I, know a large number of my clients have said that they switch bookkeepers to me because their previous bookkeeper was just not available for, questions if they needed them. Making it back to them and they weren't sending them financial reports or invoices and that kind of thing so just, really want to make sure you have someone that is a good communicator the last thing number five this is actually on a quarterly basis you should expect that your bookkeeper it, will send financial reports to your accountant so the accountant is the one who's really in charge of the, taxes and all of the details around that they have a lot more training the bookkeepers do they will be the, ones who are making sure your business is on track and you're not overpaying or under paying taxes for the, year all right let me know in the comments is there anything I forgot what else do you expect from. Your bookkeeper each month or if you're a bookkeeper what else. Do you do for your clients every month don't forget to make sure you're subscribed and you have that bail notification turned on give this video a. Big thumbs up down below to let me know that you liked it and, let me know in the comments also what kind of videos would you like me to make are you here for the bookkeeping.

Videos or organizational or is there some.

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