February 22, 2021

401k Limits 2020

401k Limits 2020 hey this is Craig and Sebastian with chief financial services and this is another teague jacket aap a wonderful so tax season. Is rolling and going in 2020 we just want to give you guys an update on the what is it we did HSA contributions the a contribution for whatever I oh that’s what is retirement by our. A in 401 K go ahead all right so for the IRA for a single person, under fifty six thousand dollars for 2020 and if you’re. Over fifty it’s seven thousand dollars and for the 401 k plans it’s nineteen five under fifty and I think it’s like twenty six thousand if you do the catch-up. For over fifty so again you guys just have more money to kept a stash that’s, all it ends up being so take advantage as always use our mobile app guys tonight for your taxes da taxi and he’s gonna follow us on all social. Media platforms at TQ financial service have a, good one .

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