December 18, 2020

2020 Standard Mileage Rate

2020 Standard Mileage Rate india's first bs6 compliant 2 wheeler is here the 2019 active ax 125 nearly six bucks before the April first 2020 deadline it packs an.

All-new engine yes it is 124 CC but the older one was 120 4.9 the entire engine architecture is new with, a different bore and Stroke configuration lust it is also Honda's first fuel-injected scooter in India this new motor does make less spa and dock than before but Honda claims, that this new motor is 13% more fuel efficient than the ps4 compliant engine the, new engine design is also set to offer smoother and quieter starts thanks to, a CG basically the alternator will work as the starter so what else is new on the, new active our 125 the design remains pretty much the same it's subtle changes to certain panels there are some new.

Premium elements as well such as the chrome bits on the side panels while the wheelbase is same as before the changes in aesthetic design make it 36 mm longer than, before this redesign was also done to accommodate the new remote fuel filler cap the first for Honda in India and, something we expect on the.

Upcoming scooters as well much like his predecessor the new active a 125 continues to be offered in three variants and prices start from a fee. Is sixty seven thousand four ninety four the standard trim extra room Delhi this is rupees 6,000 eight hundred more. Than the standard variant of the be a spa compliant active a 125 prices for all variants of the BS six compliant active about twenty five and the corresponding, trims on the ps4 compliant model are on your screen now the alloy and deluxe variants have become more expensive because these practice.

Than the four these variants get range real-time fuel efficiency and average fuel efficiency displays on the digital semi instrument cluster. The deluxe also features idle start at stop and for the first time the active ax will get, a side stand as standard which additionally will kill the engine, red deploys deliveries for the BA six complied active odd twenty five will begin.

At the end of this month with ban in the availability for the active of 125 to be done in the phased manner the BS 4 compliant active. A 125 will continue to be on sale until April 1st 2020 so should you save some money and go for the existing but, more powerful version of the active upon 25 or should we make the jump to PS 6 will have a video.

Coming out which will help you answer that question not just for the, active ax but potentially all BS six vehicles so to subscribe to stay notified of when that video comes out and of course don't forget to like and, share this video.

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