December 19, 2020

2020 Mileage Reimbursement Rate

2020 Mileage Reimbursement Rate vFW's for many veterans our home away from home ask around and it's not hard to find veterans like james McLaurin Desert Storm and in operation Just Cause who've bought an actual home using one of the biggest benefits.

Available to those who've worn our nation's uniform the VA guaranteed home loan program it's a fantastic program I can't even, tell.

Me what if people would never have homes without this but tecna's investigation revealed the program widely praised for opening the door to homeownership for millions, of veterans was secretly keeping money that should have been refunded to disabled vets like Roger Rove ten thousand sixty-five dollars that's that's here's how the problem started a, veteran using the VA home loan program is required to pay what's called a funding.

Fee up to three point three percent of the loan amount if you're a disabled vet that funding.

Fee is waived but there's a glitch if a veteran has only applied for a disability.

Rating and the claim is still pending when they get a VA loan they have to, pay the funding fee that can add up to several thousand dollars but if their disability claim is approved later they're due a refund of that funding fee but our.

Techni investigation discovered veterans haven't always been getting those refunds a whistleblower provided internal, VA records that revealed a bombshell between 2006 and 2014 VA inappropriately collected approximately one hundred and fifty million dollars on more than 47,000 loans top VA officials in DC were warned, but for the last five years never notified the.

Veterans owed money if you're holding someone else's money and you're not telling them how to get it you don't on purpose the VA inspectors general oh i jeep, calls that discovery troubling and disturbingly the overcharges continued the agency watchdog now estimates.

At least 72 thousand veterans are owed more than two hundred and eighty six million dollars, but unless you asked for it they didn't give it to you that's crazy the VA now says it plans to have corrective actions, in play by July 31st meaning veterans will finally begin getting the money they're owed that's good news so if you think you, may be entitled to a refund of the funding fee call the VA loan center we've also got additional information in our KGW news mobile app.

And our website KGW calm.

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