February 20, 2021

2020 Best Credit Card Bonuses

2020 Best Credit Card Bonuses hey I'm just go from prop money calm in this video we are gonna look at the best credit card bonuses on no annual fee credit cards here. In early 2020 but before we do that I'm gonna ask you to please subscribe to this YouTube channel right, here if you've not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so so it is early, 2020 and this is the time of year that many people sign up for new credit cards they're looking over their finances, looking over their life in general and this is the time when people. Decide to do a little investigation and you know pick new credit cards so in this particular video we are going to look at the signup bonuses that are available only on no, annual fee cards now obviously there are some very good. Signup bonuses on cards that have annual fees as well but for here we are going. To zero in on the no annual fee cards for people that maybe want a new card like the idea, of getting a bonus but don't want to make that commitment of an annual fee card while the info in this, video is coming from the credit card websites as of the time I'm making this video in early January, of 2020 info on the credit card websites can change there can be bonus offers that come in your mailbox that are different from what I am saying. Here you might find offers on other websites where the card companies market different offers just to see what people will. Bite on so I'm going from the websites of the individual credit, card companies we are going to look at about 20 credit cards on both the consumer side and the business side I'm going to go. Quick so don't get bogged down in that number 20 there each one of these is going to offer a sign up bonus welcome bonus new card, holder bonus whatever you want to call it of, at least $200 in values as some of those are going to be cash some of those are going to be points or miles how to start on the consumer side and we are going to. Start with the. Cards that offer a cash bonus based on the amount of spending you do all of these cards are going to offer a $200 cash bonus whether you can actually get that bonus in your. Hands or whether it is a statement credit I'm not going to go into that part of it but all of.

These are going to give you $200 as a bonus we're going, to start with the to chase freedom cards the chase freedom and. The chase freedom unlimited these two go first because of the fact that they have the least number of spend or least. Amount of spent necessary to get that $200 bonus you'll get $200 on the Chase Freedom Card or the chase freedom unlimited when you have spent at least $500 with either of those cards, in the first 90 days of having them they chase freedom card cash back card that is giving you. 5% cash back on certain purchase categories in rotating categories each calendar quarter and then there is the, chase freedom unlimited that is a flat cash back card giving you 1.5% cash back on all your purchases regardless of what category they're, in we've got four other consumer cards offering that same $200 cash bonus for new card holders but, these ones are all going to require you to spend at least $1,000 in the first 90 days of, having the card the first card we'll talk about is, the Wells Fargo propel American Express card 20,000 points which is equal to $200 if you spend a thousand bucks in the.

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