March 2, 2021

1099 Misc 2021

1099 Misc 2021 welcome back in this video we're going over how to file form 1099 miscellaneous electronically so I highly recommend using this tax this is what their website looks like, if you come here you can get set up it knows I'm locked in but normally you can click a.

Button on the bottom right to calculate what it would cost you it's really affordable and really easy to use so once you set up an account, and log in you'll be on the dashboard here you'll go to forms, and then new form and these are all the forms you can choose from to file here I'm going to click the 1099.

Miscellaneous and they automatically file the form 10 1996 which is the summary form that's due to the IRS by the end of February.

So when you get in here you'll enter your information here and then click Add pair now existing payers so in. The future you don't have to re-enter your information you'll just select. Yourself from the drop-down menu it's the same thing with the people you're paying right you're, going to enter their basic information here and then in the future they'll be saved in here now for you when you're filing this form you.

Need to enter either your EIN or your social security number and you're just gonna, check the box of the button that applies and enter the number here now for the person you're filing this for you enter their number here, so it's whatever they gave you on the form w-9 or if you just asked them using.

The form w-9 is best but whichever they gave you however you got it you enter that here and select the appropriate whether it's an EIN for a business or a, social.

Security number if their sole proprietor self-employed and they could be a single-member LLC as well then all you do is enter the total amount paid in box seven non-employee compensation right. Here and that's it I scroll down you can do save and continue or save and add a new one and add all of your, forms and. Then at the end you'll click Save and continue and it won't let me do it because I didn't put information in but, on the next screen.

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