December 18, 2020

1040 Form

1040 Form if this is the first time you file taxes with us we will need you to fill out your information and also information for your spouse. While filling out this section make sure your legal name social security number and date above are accurate be sure to check that your legal name matches what's, shown on your social security card here's a list of questions to make sure you are not missing any deductions, for example did you pay anyone domestic services in your home if you have a nanny at home or if you hire a. Housekeeper then this question will.

Be applicable to you although not all questions are applicable to you we encourage clients to go over this list because this is how we make sure that you, are not missing any deductions on the income worksheet make sure you provide us complete statements including your w-2 or which, statement your interest income statement your 1099 div which is dividends and distribution statement 1099 are typically distribution from pension annuities and retirement if, you have any other income such as. State tax refund or if you receive Social Security benefits make sure to provide the relevant statements to us please make sure you submit all complete information. To us because any missing information may result in you getting an IRS letter if the information submitted to IRS is incomplete in addition if you have any.

Stock sales you will receive, 1099 B if you sell a house an investment property you will receive a 1099 s you will fill out.

This page to claim for itemized deductions if you have a lot of medical expenses if you pay property taxes and mortgage interest please disregard, the other miscellaneous items such as job expenses because starting from 2019 these expenses are no longer deductible for adjustment worksheet please provide information for additional deductions such as.

HSA or the health savings account deduction if you're self-employed you probably have the SDP retirement contribution.

If you make IRA contribution if you have any student loan interest deduction be sure to give us the statements as well if you are, a business owner you're most likely made estimated quarterly tax payments by submitting 1040 es vouchers on quarterly basis deadlines, are typically April 15 June 15 September 15 and January, 15 the following year we will need you to submit the payment proof to us if you're a first-time client on our tax preparation checklist I can highlight couple of. Things for your attention such as form 1095 which is typically a form that.

You would receive to prove that you have health insurance, coverage the current healthcare mandate is as such that penalty has been removed since January 2019 but you will. Still be receiving 1095 and you still need to submit it to us for premium tax credit reporting purposes other information we need from you if you're filing taxes, with us for the first time will be your prior year tax return file with the IRS if you can provide, two years of tax return even better so that's eight thank you for going through this tutorial please well the organizer to make sure.

You have all your. Complete information if you need help please reach out to us you can call us or you can send us a message through our website our website is

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